Animales nocturnos tom ford trailer español

Animales nocturnos tom ford trailer español

Animales Nocturnos in Spanish

The story is based mainly on three characters Edward Sheffield, writer who is about to publish his first novel, Susan Morrow his ex-wife, a successful woman and Tony Hastings the main character of the novel titled Nocturnal Animals and how the plot of the same unites the three of them after a long time.

Just after receiving the manuscript from Edward, Susan’s current husband goes on a business trip and she has some free time to read it, which concludes in three nights, hence the name of the book in English.

Nocturnal Animals, the book within the novel, tells the story of Tony Hastings, a family man with a wife (Laura) and a daughter (India) who decide to go on vacation to the house they have to spend the summers, due to certain setbacks they advance the trip and drive at night in order to take advantage of the time, however this decision will have very important and traumatic consequences for the three passengers who are inside the vehicle, This happens just when in the middle of the road they begin to be bothered by the passengers of another car (Ray, Lou and Turk), this is how a series of tests begins for Tony who manages to absorb Susan, who empathizes and is impregnated with all the sensations, feelings, helplessness and outcome through which the protagonist goes through during this story.

Nocturnal Animals netflix 2020

Based on the novel “Tony and Susan”, by Austin Wright, the film has two clear components: a real one, carried forward almost exclusively by Susan Morrow (Amy Adams), the owner of an art gallery; and a fictional one, that of the novel written by her ex-husband Edward (Jake Gyllenhaal).

I’m not going to say anything about the “novel,” except that I thought it was a good story that might work well as a film in its own right. But that’s beside the point. Nocturnal Animals was presented at the Venice Film Festival in 2016, where it won the Grand Jury Prize; it also picked up numerous nominations for different awards (and winning some of them), and also had the general approval of the specialized critics.

As for the performances, all very well, starting with Michael Shannon, excellent in the role of detective Bobby Andes, for which he received an Oscar nomination; Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal carry the drama of the film with ease, and I will also add to the list Aaron Taylor-Johnson , correct as the villain of the novel.

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It’s so well implemented that watching it even ends up losing some of its ability to amaze in favor of a stunning naturalness of something that is completely unreal. Although virtually all of these scenes are cream, highlight the “two” fights that the protagonist has in the airport warehouse.

I haven’t seen so much war nonsense together since Fury/Hearts of Steel. I’m not one to leave anything halfway through, but this time I was on the verge several times. I finally made it to the end, which doesn’t detract in infamy from the rest of the series.

In a podcast that I usually trust, they spoke praises of this product. Either we haven’t seen the same series or they were blatantly paid to say what they said. Only one of the participants dared to contradict her listeners by talking about how unbearable the character of the intelligence soldier was. Indeed, I could hardly remember a worse written and acted or more incongruous character.

I haven’t seen so much wartime nonsense together since Fury/Hearts of Steel. I’m not one to leave anything halfway through, but this time I came close on several occasions. In the end I was able to get to the end, which does not detract in infamy to the rest of the series.

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Sinopsis: La idílica vida de una exitosa galerista de Los Ángeles se ve empañada por los constantes viajes de su apuesto segundo marido. Mientras él está fuera, ella se ve sacudida por la llegada de un manuscrito escrito por su primer marido, al que no ha visto en años. El manuscrito cuenta la historia de un profesor que ve cómo un viaje con su familia se convierte en una pesadilla. A medida que Susan lee el libro, éste la obliga a examinar su pasado y a enfrentarse a algunas verdades oscuras.

Thomas Carlyle “Tom” Ford es un diseñador de moda, director de cine, guionista y productor de cine estadounidense. Lanzó su marca de lujo homónima en 2006, tras haber sido director creativo de Gucci e Yves Saint Laurent. más…

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